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CFDb New Online Store on CBD

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Christian Book Distributors (CBD) is the world’s largest Christian catalog and internet retailer (, sending out over 65 mailings of unique catalogs to millions of customers each year and providing online access to over 300,000 books, Bibles, DVDs, CDs, gifts, toys, games, and more.[1]

The company was started in 1978 by two brothers who were 19 and 14 years old at the time, in their parents’ home in Lynn, Massachusetts. Three years later, as one brother graduated from college and the other graduated from high school, the business moved into its first commercial facility in Peabody, Massachusetts. In 1984 the company built a 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2) facility in the Centennial Industrial Park in Peabody. By 1996 CBD had completely outgrown the site and built a new facility across the street, where it remains today. The facility is now 300,000 square feet (28,000 m2). CBD employs a staff of just over 500 while continuing to be a family affair — the younger of the two brothers, Ray Hendrickson is the President and CEO, in addition to his 81-year-old mom and 24-year-old son.[1] is an eight-time recipient of the BizRate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award, which is presented to top performing online retailers who have met the criteria set by BizRate Research for outstanding customer service.[2]

CBD was selected by The Boston Globe as one of 2009’s Top 100 Places to Work in Massachusetts, ranking #22 overall and #8 in the mid-sized company category.[3]

Why Partner with CBD?

Christian Book Distributors is not just about books!  It’s not even just about DVD’s.  CBD has SO much to offer.  They even have giveaways.  They sell things that regular Christian Bookstores sell and for really great prices!  Some of their specials are fantastic!

This is why we are so excited to partner with them.  This is a great opportunity for us and for them.

You will notice that a couple of months back we began adding a “Buy This Film Today” badge across the Film Cover Art Photos.  We will now replace all these badges to link to our CBD Online Store and you can order whatever CBD has to offer, as well as the Film you want to purchase.  When CBD doesn’t carry the film, then we will link to other places, as long as the film has already been released.

We will still be linking to Netflix and Christian Cinema for renting films, and as well for VOD.  CBD is a well known, highly trusted Company and that is why CFDb is proud to be partners with them.

This changeover may take take a few weeks to finish.  In the meantime, the other links will still work, but will connect to other places.  You always have the option of going to the HOME PAGE of CFDb and clicking on the banner in the center of the page that will take you to our CBD Store.



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  1. 18 May 12, 7:25pm

    Excellent! I love CBD and have used them for years!! Congratulations and may God bless this partnership!!!

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