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First Day of the Pan Pacific Film Festival

More News from Yesterday – 10/17 as today just began…

So, after more difficult times, even our phone freezing and we couldn’t fix it, had to call Verizon to help us and finally that issue was resolved and we were off to meet with David Wood – Executive Producer and Erica Galindo and her husband David from Sonoma Christian Home.

We began with prayer together and discussed about all the ways we are each under attack.  I will not go into details about their attacks but I need to share one with you about CFDb.  We NEED prayer, as well as this entire Film Festival.

For some reason it seems that an entire shipments of DVDs has gone missing.  This means about $1000 loss for us in our 2nd business, which is how we support CFDb.  This is just the tip of the issues we’re dealing with financially so we are soliciting prayers because we believe God has called us to do this ministry and these are definitely testing times for us.


So…here is where the Film Festival will be held – At the Westfield Santa Anita Mall – at the AMC/Dave & Buster’s.  You can barely make out the Dave & Buster’s sign in the background.

We were blessed with being able to rent this Chrysler Convertible 200 and it’s a beauty.  This was the cheapest rental car option available.  Now with that…we are thankful.  It’s funny though, when we got to the rental car place…the right one…one guy said try our kiosk, it’s easy.  When we got to the total it said $634 for 1 week and I was about to hit ok thinking yes, that’s right when I thought – wait it minute – it’s supposed to be $232.  Ugh – so off to customer service to fix that issue.  THANKFULLY I did notice the error before I hit ok.  That was another interesting incident!

That’s all for now…off to the Film Festival shortly for some workshops, interviews, and networking.  CFDb won’t be doing any interviewing but Sonoma Christian Home will be.

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