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Did you know you could shop online through a special link and CFDb will receive your support automatically?
Go to our Help Support CFDb page and check out the many ways you can help us!



One of our favorites ways is through Ebates!



CFDb Needs Your Support

Did you know that CFDb consists of only 3 people!  Roger, myself (Annelie), & our webmaster Bryce.  Running CFDb is a huge task and we are running two businesses just to support the database.  To learn more about CFDb, check out our About CFDb page.


There are so many ways you can support CFDb just in your regular everyday online shopping.  Check out all the different ways here:  HELP CFDb


Amazon/Target/Christian Book/Christian Cinema/Wal-Mart/Itunes and so many more…

You can also help CFDb just by spreading the word about us!

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