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What is the Christian Film Database and How Can CFDb Help You?

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What is CFDb?

Christian Film Database is a Non-denomination Christian Movie List. We list all films with a “Christian Message“, it does not matter who makes it. If Hollywood, a Christian, or an Athiest makes a Christian Movie, we list it on CFDb. CFDb does not endorse the filmmakers, only their Christian Films.

We also send out a monthly newsletter to inform of any news about CFDb, as well as upcoming films for that month, and an interview spotlight.


What is Unique about CFDb?

CFDb has an extensive “Browse Film Categories” section which will help you to find films by topics such as abortion, up-coming films, youth, romance, adultery, Christmas, and so much more.  You can also type in a topic in the search bar section and find films with that topic in it easily.  You can do this for languages as well.


Who is CFDb for?

CFDb is a resource for YOU!  That means everyone, especially those that are interested in finding Christian films.  We are a resource for Christian filmmakers to help get the word spread about their film, as well as for all those looking for Christian films to watch.  If you are a filmmaker and want to add your film to the database, click here.

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What Does CFDb Offer for Christian Filmmakers, Companies, and or family friendly Companies?

You can advertise with CFDb in many different ways.  Our Google Stats are available for you to look at as well.  We had over 70,000 unique users this past month.

We have free advertising as well, such as interviews and movie reviews.  Call us at (719) 687-4394 if you have any questions or you can e-mail us.

Help Promote CFDb

How Can You Help CFDb?

We have a page on the database to HELP PROMOTE CFDb where you can find many different options for images and banners you can add to your website!

If you have ANY questions about us and what we do or have trouble locating a movie or want to update any information please contact us!


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