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Finding Normal ~

CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Finding Normal

Dr. Lisa Leland is a brilliant surgeon with absolutely no bedside manner. She is leaving her practice at UCLA Hospital to move to the Hamptons where she will join her boyfriend as a concierge doctor, treating the rich and famous.

As she drives cross-country to her new life she hits a tractor in Normal, North Carolina and her BMW is wrecked. Dr. Leland is found guilty of speeding and ordered to do community service – as a doctor – in Normal, population 332. In a town with no wi–fi, no lattes and no credit cards, Lisa Leland begins to find herself and discovers what a meaningful life is all about.

Sneak Preview

Finding Normal long photo

Finding Normal has that similar Hallmark feel to it, but with some Christianity in it, and a few great moments of humor.

We really liked this one and there was 1 unexpected twist in the film.  Here were a couple of my favorite parts:

  • The judges response about God’s name was fantastic!
  • Plucking off what weighs us down.  Reminds me of when I pray for God to continue to chip away at the rough edges of my character.

This one comes on again today – Don’t Miss it!


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  1. 09 June 13, 4:31pm

    I would like to know when and where I can purchase the Movie With Candace Cameron Bure “Finding Normal”

  2. Annelie says
    10 June 13, 9:31am

    It is not available just yet.


  3. Anonymous says
    14 August 14, 9:12pm

    I would like to know the name of the band singing durning the founders dance. Loved the music but can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

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