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“Fury to Freedom” ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

“Fury to Freedom” ~
CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation

Fury to Freedom

The true story of Raul Ries finds a young man full of hate and fight, lies and deception, and anger beyond control. This story focuses on Raul’s high school days, martial arts experiences, and early years of his marriage. With everything falling apart, and life about to come to an end, this street fighter became a street preacher. As Raul says, “I met a man…and his name is Jesus”. He went from fury…to freedom!


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Although an older film, “Fury to Freedom” is a true movie and a Christian classic.  We’ve seen this film many times and it is really an excellent film.  There is nothing better than seeing the power of God work in an individual’s life and this is just what happened to Raul Ries.

This is another one of those where the clothes will definitely date the film but well worth the watch.  The power of God is truly shown in this film.

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