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How a Blizzard Helped My Acting Career ~ VLOG

How a Blizzard Helped
My Acting Career ~ VLOG


How a Blizzard Helped my Acting Career

Aaron had some great tips about the importance of stepping away from your work.  It reminded me that I was impressed to do the same thing about a month ago.  Since then I’ve been stopping to pause and pray for a couple of minutes in the middle of the day, as well as taking breaks often to do different things and get my mind off and away from the computer.  It’s amazing how just a short time away will allow my mind to refocus on the task as hand in a more productive way.

Then I thought about the word Selah that shows up so often in Psalms.  Pause…and think about it.  Even in the Bible we are told to pause and reflect on God and His Word and all He’s done for us.  Pausing is so important.  Let’s not forget to pause and especially to think about God and His goodness throughout the day as well.

Here is more information on Aaron:

Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus is America’s Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career Coach.

He has been a full-time actor and commercial model for 30 years, and has been booked over 1,200 times.

His book How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is now in its 5th Edition.

His workshop Book the Job has been given over 600 times spanning 3 continents.

Aaron also offers online workshops as well as private Online Mentoring programs. He is also the founder of, HowToModel


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