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‘Hunger Games’ ~ ‘Hunger for God’ Special T-Shirt Giveaway

‘Hunger Games’ ~ ‘Hunger for God’
Special T-Shirt Giveaway


The Giveaway has officially ended.  Congratulations to all those who won!





The Hunger Games‘ movies, which are based on the book series, has become quite the popular series for Christian and non Christian alike.  The Hunger Games universe is a dystopia set in “Panem”, a country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and twelve districts in varying states of poverty. Every year, children are chosen to participate in a compulsory annual televised death match called The Hunger Games.  The Mockingjay Part I comes out tonight, 11/20/2014.

Now you can make an impact for Christ while wearing your HUNGER FOR GOD T- Shirt.  Kerusso, which means preach has a wide variety of Christian products.  Kerusso is proclaiming the Good News to the world through products about Jesus.



This giveaway is for 1 Hunger for God T-shirt

There are 12 winners total – Contest will end Monday the 24th of November!


Hunger for God 001

Hunger for God 002

Thanks to Kerusso we are able to hold this special giveaway.


ak-istock-18006731-commentThe ONLY way to enter this special giveaway is to leave a comment below this post and choose a T-shirt size.

You may leave more than 1 comment with a different T-shirt size as well.  Only 1 comment per size allowed.

12 adult SIZES:

  • 2 – Small
  • 2 – Medium
  • 2 – Large
  • 2 – X-Large
  • 2 – 2x
  • 2 – 3x


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  1. Cindy says
    20 November 14, 7:05pm

    Love the shirt. Would love to win a 3X.

    Off to figure out the math problem now. LOL!

  2. Elizabeth says
    20 November 14, 8:20pm

    I would love one of those ‘T’ Shirts! A 2X should do quite nicely! TY! 😀

  3. Becky McClendon says
    20 November 14, 8:38pm

    I love that shirt! would love a 2x

  4. Michael says
    20 November 14, 8:49pm

    XL for my son

  5. Michael says
    20 November 14, 8:49pm

    M for me

  6. Annelie says
    21 November 14, 8:58am

    LOL – I just got your joke – like 10 minutes later 🙂

  7. Stacey Bradshaw says
    21 November 14, 9:26am

    Small for me!

  8. Cindy says
    21 November 14, 3:07pm

    Although it is my 2nd choice, this is my 2x comment.

    Shirt really looks good.

  9. Gretta says
    22 November 14, 6:37pm

    I would love to win a size Medium t-shirt!

  10. David says
    22 November 14, 6:37pm

    A size XL would fit me nicely!

  11. Gretta says
    22 November 14, 6:38pm

    A size Small for our 13 yr old daughter who likes the Hunger Games and would LOVE this shirt!

  12. Annelie says
    23 November 14, 10:41am

    Debra wants a 2x as well but was unable to leave a comment for some reason so I’m entering in for her.


  13. Annelie says
    23 November 14, 11:06am

    Debra also is entering for an X-large


  14. Haley Scully says
    23 November 14, 5:56pm

    I’d love to win one of these awesome shirts! I’d love an XL shirt. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  15. Haley Scully says
    23 November 14, 6:00pm

    Size M for my mom.

  16. Alex B says
    24 November 14, 4:43am

    Large for me. Thanx for ciompetition

  17. chickie brewer says
    24 November 14, 9:23am

    x large

  18. chickie brewer says
    24 November 14, 9:24am

    Large for me.

  19. Beth Jones says
    24 November 14, 12:40pm

    This would be soooo awesome! My son would love a size SMALL for Christmas!

  20. Beth Jones says
    24 November 14, 12:41pm

    My daughter would also be super psyched to wear a size SMALL, as well!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  21. Beth Jones says
    24 November 14, 12:44pm

    Medium for me!

  22. Annelie says
    24 November 14, 12:52pm

    This giveaway is now ended. Thanks to everyone for entering. If you’ve won you’ll be notified shortly.


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