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This Can Ruin Your Audition ~ VLOG

This Can Ruin Your Audition ~ VLOG

whatwrongwithmeIs this you?

A lot of people second guess themselves, especially when it comes to an audition.

kitten-lionThis is the Christian…

We may not be perfect, but we are constantly improving and learning.  When we have Jesus on the inside of us, there is no reason to doubt ourselves…and no reason to be arrogant.  We are to be balanced, living for Him and having the assurance that He is with us always.

Check out Aaron’s Quick Tip Series for this month about not ruining an audition.


Quick Tip Series with Aaron Marcus

Here is more information on Aaron:

Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus is America’s Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career Coach.

He has been a full-time actor and commercial model for nearly 3 decades, and as of today,he has been booked 1,208 times.

His book How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is now in its 5th Edition.

He has his workshop The Best Way to Get Work as an Actor and Commercial Model over 500 times in 4 countries to date.

Aaron also offers online workshops as well as private online coaching sessions. He is also the founder of, HowToModel


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