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Christian Actor & Actress Resources

Christian Actor & Actress Resources

stand out in acting

Stand Out as an Actor/Actress

Remember that to stand out, it’s usually necessary to go that extra mile!  CFDb has formulated a list of resources to help actors/actresses:

How to Succed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul)

How to Succeed in Hollywood (Without Losing Your Soul):  A Excellent Field Guide for Christian Screenwriters, Actors, Producers, Directors, and More written by Ted Baehr of MovieGuide.

scam-alertPay attention Actors/Models and watch out for scams.  Good advice below:

Terms to Know in Acting

The ABC’s of Getting an Agent – Stage 32 Article by Beverly Leech

Aaron Marcus VLOGS – Actor’s Audition Advantage Tips, Tricks and Secrets ~ VLOG ~ Free Cheat Sheet

Actor/Direction Interaction: There and Back Again – Blog by Stacey Bradshaw

The Actor’s Green Room – Helping Actors Sow the Seeds for Success

Advent Filmmaker’s Center for Training and Discipleship – Located in Virginia

Agent – How to find an Agent/Casting Director/Manager/Industry Professionals Outside the US.

AMTC – A partial listing of agents, managers and casting directors


AMTC – Actors, Models & Talents for Christ – A great place to learn acting.

AMTC Shine Event – Blog Tips – After attending the 2013 Summer Shine Event, several blogs were written with helpful tips for actors/actresses.

The Artist Resource Center – North Hollywood, CA

Audition Tips – Erica Arvold about what to include in your audition video.

The Christian Film Genre – Signs of Global Growth?

CFDb Profiles

CFDb Profile Pages – Submit your profile to CFDb and get noticed for your work or just noticed for the first time.  Submit Here.

Christian Stage & Film Casting – A place to post and find casting calls.

Coaching  – Affordable private Coaching for Acting/Crew – Learn more about Rebekah here on CFDb Interviews.

Faith Flix – A Behind the Scenes Look at Independent Christian Filmmaking

Grace Unplugged – A highly recommended film for any Christian seeking to make it in Hollywood.

The Heller Approach

Hollywood Unmasked #2 – Every actor/actress should watch this powerful documentary on acting and demon possession.  So many actors we admire admit to demon possession.  Be aware of Satan’s deceptions.

HolyWood Acting Studio

How to Format an Acting Resume: There and Back Again – Stacey Bradshaw

How to Get Booked in a Faith Based Film – Day 2 of AMTC Shine Event – Notes from seminar

Kendrick Brothers Film Opportunities

Know Your Standards: There and Back Again – Great blog by Stacey Bradshaw – Part I

Know Your Standards – Part II – Stacey Bradshaw

New York Film Academy

Christian Film Production

Production Companies – This is a list of Christian Production Companies for you to contact individually to let them know about your availability.  You can also give them a link to your CFDb Profile Page, which would include your current resume.  If you have an IMDb page, include this page first.

Roz Clancy Casting – New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Los Angeles

SAG- AFTRA – Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. An organization of professional performers dedicated to truth, justice and the pursuit of “motivation.”

Stage 32 – Find work

Stepping Stones Talent Agency – South Carolina

For any questions, Please contact CFDb.  Don’t forget to Submit your Profile to CFDb Today.

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  1. 04 November 13, 6:59pm

    Great resource! Thanks for including Faith Flix on your list. I’ll be sharing it with my actor friends.

  2. Jessica Ann Boudreau says
    03 August 14, 4:44pm

    I’m a Christian I love to learn about the lord. I compete in NYC national youth conference for my church every year. I love it, and modeling I want to go in to but NOT Victoria secret model lol

  3. Annelie says
    04 August 14, 8:07am

    Hi Jessica – did you watch this VLOG – – you can get in touch with Aaron for any questions you might have to get into modeling. He has a website –


  4. 14 September 15, 11:08pm

    Audition for community theater. This process can be a step above college theater if the theater takes the productions seriously and has a decent budget. Winning a role in a community theater production will put you in contact with others who are polishing their craft just like you and garner you more experience.

  5. Tiana says
    01 October 15, 6:14am

    Please inbox me if you have a Faith-based Film or Stage Play you need to cast.

    List your auditions or casting calls at:

  6. Byron Jamez says
    12 December 15, 5:17pm

    Hello This is Byron Jamez Actor in the recently released film “The Messengers Box” I am looking toward to working and spreading this message of Jesus Christ feel free to contact me for any of your future productions.

  7. Annelie says
    13 December 15, 10:42am
  8. 18 August 17, 1:40pm

    I was wondering if there are any Christian agents or Christian Managers in the UK ( England). I am a British actor who is a Christian. I have worked for many years in TV, Film, and Theatre.

  9. Victoria Seals says
    09 April 19, 8:58pm

    Hello I’m a Christian. And an actress. And I’m trying to find films that are Christian made and directed. Is there a best way to go about this.

  10. Desiree says
    17 April 19, 1:22pm

    Hello Victoria,

    All films shown on our website are faith based films. The entire purpose of our website is to find these films ‘for you’ and present them in one place. We update them as often as we can with where they are available for purchase as we don’t sell anything ourselves. One good website that does carry a lot of Christian / Faith films – specifically more recent would be this site here.

    Hope this helps!

    God Bless,
    -Desiree – CFDB

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