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Video Ministry Becomes Christian Film Database

Angela Walker with Roger Rudlaff


Roger Rudlaff and his wife Annelie, of Roanoke, VA, have a desire to get Christian films into the hands of the people they were made for. What started as a library in the couples’ basement has grown into a website they hope to make user-friendly and comprehensive.

“I started out by loaning out  my personal Christian films to the community of Roanoke, VA, from my home,” Rudlaff said recently. “My wife and I were blessed by being on the front page of our newspaper. They started to ask where to find them or ask about certain titles. I tried to help, but there was no website I could send them to. This is when I first had the idea of a Christian film database.
“I played around with starting a film database some time in 2008, but it was very user un-friendly in every way,” Rudlaff recalls. “I knew nothing about websites, but wanted to create something. CFDb was off to a poor start, but it was a start.”I work on CFDb in my spare time sort of like a hobby, and my uncle is helping me make CFDb a better site. I’m adding more films every week to CFDb that are found on many different websites. I have over 1250 films, with many more on the way. I list many formats, like 16mm, VHS, DVD, and now Blu-Ray.”
Rudlaff tries to provide as much information as possible on the site.
“I try to have an embedded film trailer for each film listed, as well as a link to where the film may be bought. This is not always possible because many films don’t have embedded trailers and some films are out of print with nowhere left to buy them, but that’s my goal.”

Rudlaff’s main goal is for CFDb to be a tool for Christians and churches to easily find the films they are looking for.

To learn more about Roger and Annelie, read an article the Roanoke Times did on the couple and their ministry.

Visit Christian Film Database and browse their library.

Link to the actual article –

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