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7 Ways Christian Cinema Can Help Your Film Project Make an Impact

7 Ways Christian Cinema
Can Help Your Film Project
Make an Impact is not only a great place to buy or rent or watch Christian and inspirational movies, it’s a place that can assist Christian filmmakers in making an impact on others.

make-an-impact-blueWhat’s the purpose of your Christian or inspirational film?  We, at CFDb, believe in spreading the good news and working together with others to reach people for Christ through Christian films.  Christian Cinema also believes in helping Christian filmmakers spread the good news of the Gospel.

Here’s how:

onePR for your Film

Christian Cinema publishes reviews, interviews, and news articles on the latest Christian movie productions, releases, and events every week.  Get the latest news: Christian Cinema Newsletter

number-two-clipart-number-2-mdSell your DVD/Blu-ray on Christian

Christian Cinema is a great place to sell your Christian or Inspirational DVD/Blu-ray.


Go Digital

Go digital on the Largest Christian Digital HD Platform.  Video on Demand is a great way to spread the message.


Promote your Products

Merchandise and Promote your products.


Tremendous Outreach

Reach the Audience through theatrical campaigns, DVD releases, Kickstarter Campaigns, etc.


Event Licensing

Have churches use your movie for an event.


Digital Screening to Influential People

Send secure digital screeners to influencers – E-mail limited access screeners to pastors, radio stations, etc. on a one view per e-mail address basis.  Track when they are watched and the percentage watched.


For more details or questions regarding Christian Cinema, please Contact CFDb today.

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