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’77 Chances’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

’77 Chances’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


77 Chances

A Story about Letting Go

Jason Shaw has always dreamed of being a professional photographer, but since the death of his mother, his dream has been put on hold and he’s struggling to find meaning in his life.

One fateful night he meets the girl of his dreams. But when their enchanted evening ends tragically, Jason awakens only to find that it’s the morning of the same day. He lives that day over and over again until he discovers the secret to break this cycle.

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This is a story about forgiveness, with a few twists.  Here were some highlights:

  • Sometimes it takes letting go of something before you can see or experience God’s plan.
  • God seldom puts us in circumstances to change the other person…He is trying to change us.
  • Our thoughts can really destroy us if we hold on to those harmful memories.
  • Great ending with a surprise twist.

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