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‘A Man Called Jon’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘A Man Called Jon’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


A Man Called JonA Man Called Jon

Sometimes being different is when God uses us the most

A light-hearted dramedy about Pastor Jon Terrell Carson’s (Christian Heep-Steps of Faith) unusual style of worship. Jon’s church is very traditional and is not accustomed to outbursts during service. One day after embarrassing the church along with his family, Senior Pastor Stannum (Larry Jack Dotson-Bernie) decides to reach out to the Bishop requesting that Jon be assigned to a church more suited to his style of praise.

Jon and his family find themselves at an African American Church, where he is confronted by Associate Pastor Dickens, (Mathew Greer-Mad Money) who later informs him that he was sent to the wrong church due to a mix-up in paperwork. The Church’s deaconess, Robyn Harris (Sharice Henry Chasi-Hiding in Plain Sight) becomes an ally trying to keep Jon at her church.

But church mother Sadie Johnson (Irma P. Hall-Big Mama from the Soul food movie) mistakes Jon for a Jehovah’s witness and chases him from her home. Jon is moved to his third church where he again struggles to fit in. Will Jon be able to control his celebration or will he be moved for a fourth time?

Sneak PreviewA Man Called Jon Screen shot

What a unique and powerful film for a dramedy.  Here were some highlights:

  • Serious topic in the midst of humorous moments.
  • Loved the welcoming committee at the African American Church and the prayer over their home. This is something that should be done for all new pastors and over all homes in general.  Fabulous.
  • Powerful message of grace and forgiveness and having a true burden for souls.
  • Sometimes we need to just be spoken the truth by people we love.
  • Loved the respect shown, even through embarrassment.

This movie is highly thought provoking and it cause me to wonder if any of us, as professed Christians, act ungodly at times, and if so, how often.

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