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Bad Audio Killed the Video Star!

Written By: Thomas Lesh | Bonfire Audio


Bad Audio killed the video star! Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the hook line of the 1979 hit song Video Killed the Radio Star, but despite this corny opening phrase, I think you know where I’m going.

Over the years, the access to high-quality video cameras and post-production software has increased dramatically (Thank the Lord!), democratizing the film industry. As a result, video production quality has skyrocketed, launching a whole new era of production companies and film makers into the expanding universe of sights and sounds– for the better or worse.

Well, for us Christians, the timing couldn’t be better, considering the state that the world is in and it’s ever growing appetite for Truth. Our duty as Christian filmmakers is to get the real Truth out there and stand out while we have the chance — bring people to Christ!

The problem in the film craft today is that we often forget about the importance of the other half of the whole experience… the sound. Nothing yanks the viewer out of being submerged in a story line faster than bad audio. That’s because our eyes are more forgiving than our ears.

Your much less likely to be thrown out of the story when a scene is riddled with too much unintentional shaky camera, as opposed to, disturbing wind noises in the dialogue track or a conversation between two actors that sound like they are on separate planets.

It’s not my purpose to offer solutions to all the audio and sound problems within film making, with this article, but rather to bring awareness to this issue in Christian filmmaking today. Whether it’s due to a bad final audio mix, where the levels seem to be jumpy and inconsistent, or improper sound recording on set or bad sound design altogether, sadly, this real problem is loud enough to keep some would-be viewers away from giving Christian films a chance and the respect they deserve.

We are now better than ever at showing the world what hope looks like, it’s also our duty make sure it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. The heart of your story is the sound of your vision. Don’t let all the hard work and preparation you and your team put into making a film possible go to waste simply because… well… it sounds bad.

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