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Exploration Films, Marketing and Distributing, Seeking Great Films

Exploration Films, Marketing and Distributing,
Seeking Great Films


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Exploration Films
is a leading producer and distributor of high quality, special interest programming. Based in Monument, Colorado, the company’s operating strategy and primary focus is to distribute values-based and family oriented programming.

Exploration Films seeks to release programs about amazing discoveries, breaking news and inspiring histories that bring out the best in people. We are looking to distribute programs that elevate the culture and evoke the best in the human soul. We believe that life is a wonderful adventure that is full of discovery.

Our programs feature some of the most unique stories and we are committed to searching the planet to unveil the mystery of powerful and quality storytelling. Our audience is composed of the kind of people who embrace life to the fullest: people who are curious, risky and insightful. Most of all, they are people who love truth—true thinking, true ideas and true facts.

Exploration Films’ success has grown out of this mission. Through its extensive network of professionals it serves the
following markets:

Mainstream Markets – Distributor, Retail, Independent Rep Groups, Internet E-tailers, Broadcast, IP Broadcast, VOD,
Direct Mail Catalogs, Library and Educational. Both Domestic market and International markets.

Christian Markets – Broadcast, IP Broadcast, VOD, Broadband, Distributor, Retail, Churches, Christian Non-Profit Organizations and Home school. Both Domestic and International markets.













clipThe company’s principal executive and founder is Steve Greisen.  Steve’s work as a producer, director and writer has been awarded numerous times.

Recently his production work was honored as the recipient of a remarkable five International Classic Telly awards. These prestigious Classic Telly Awards were given to work judged to be the best in the past 25 years. Additionally the company is the recipient of an additional 19 International Telly Awards, 17 Communicator Awards and an Addy Award.

Steve’s love for great stories has taken him to over 70 countries of the world, 42 in which he has shot footage for various projects. He understands producers and loves to partner with talent that is as committed to great story-telling as he has been. Developing Exploration Films into a powerful distribution channel is a natural outgrowth of his marketing and business acumen and his unique approach is partly the byproduct of growing up in Hong Kong and traveling the world. This has given him the sort of big-picture perspective that defies competition. With Steve, any limitation is only seen as another opportunity to celebrate a victory. After living in some of the world’s great cities, Steve and his family now draw strength from the beauty of Colorado’s mountains.















Exploration Films is seeking values-based and family oriented programming for distribution consideration. Submissions for consideration should be in DVD format and sent to the following address:

Exploration Films
P.O. Box 1069
Monument, CO 80132

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