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How to Get Funding for Your Christian Film


How to Get Funding for Making a Film

If you want to make your own film, you really have to figure out how to fund it in order to get it off the ground, and fundraising processes can be just as difficult and time-consuming as filming itself. However, means to fund artistic and innovative projects have increased so much with current internet trends, making it so that pretty much anyone can get a project started assuming they have a good idea for a film and know their way around social networking.

Setting Your Budget

This is a step that is often missed by wannabe independent filmmakers, and one of the rules of the industry is that it will always cost more than you think it will. Keep in mind that ‘cost’ can apply to more things than money; there is also time, energy, and whatever money you would not be earning given your time working on your film. Take a look at the questions to ask yourself before choosing a career and figure out what it is that you can do for your film and what it can do for you. Knowing what you will be able to handle yourself and what you want to commit to will give you a much better idea of who you need to hire and how that factors into funding.

The general consensus is that any feature film should assume at least $15,000 to $20,000, a figure which will go up with complications of lighting, set, costumes, effects, and any specialists you might need to hire to make any of these details come to life to your satisfaction. Some of the best advice on cost estimation and getting started can be found through other independent filmmakers, so be sure to read up on articles on how to make an inexpensive independent film. If you are not a finance whiz, find someone who is. Either an accountant or someone pursuing an online masters in accounting can help you figure out exactly what is needed or missing in your budget.


Fundraising is a time-honored process which features tedium and rejection if not done right. A good way to shoot yourself in the foot on the whole project is to feel like you’re begging for money. Instead, work out a way to give donors and donors the opportunity to invest in the awesome project you are making. Here are a few different ways to rake in quick funds:

  • Targeted Investors – There are probably individuals or local community groups which would be interested in your project if it falls in line with one of their key interests. If you are making a Christian film, talk to local churches or church benefactors. You can offer things like partial ownership or other perks, and remember: people can also donate equipment, space, or time instead of or along with funds.
  • Grant Proposals – Yes, there are groups and government agencies which support artistic project. You just need to write and appeal to them. The great thing about grants is that it doesn’t have to be repaid like a loan.
  • Appeal to the Whole World – Fundraising sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo provide brilliant forums for you to post your project where anyone can see it and pledge relatively small amounts in exchange for thanks or copies of your eventual product. This pre-ordering process gives you both funding and a budding client base through which to distribute your finished product.

Social Networking

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social networking sites can make it easy to reach out to supporters that you wouldn’t have thought to contact or maybe don’t even know. Through social networking, you can look for funding, equipment, locations, and people.

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  1. Linda Starks says
    26 March 15, 5:23am

    I have a play about women, It’s called Women In Need of A Change. it;s about the lives of 15 women struggling with life addictions, drugs, alcoholism, abuse abortions, etc. I need funding to get my play of the ground. We’ ve only done the play in Boston Massachusetts, and would like to travel abroad so the whole world can see that women like yourself can be changed with the help of God.

  2. 09 October 15, 12:42pm

    I wrote a play on the inner city issues. Where is the Church.

  3. Annelie says
    09 October 15, 1:13pm

    Here is a link to the production companies that we know about. – you can contact them individually.

  4. brotha ed says
    29 January 17, 10:08pm

    I am releasing my first Christian inspired film in 2017 that deals with the issue of protecting traditional marriage.
    If you or if you know anyone who would like to donate towards the nationwide advertising of the movie please
    log on to my website at:

    Thank you,

    brotha ed

  5. Pavithran Golconda says
    28 March 17, 4:29pm

    Hi Im Pavithran from Hyderabad, India. I’m a cinematographer and filmmaker. I want to make my debut future film on one of the Christian missionary name called “Sadhu sundar sing”. Can any one help me please..

  6. 26 April 17, 5:31pm

    Hi im Ashanti from Birmingham,Al. I’m a cinematographer and filmmaker working on a short film series called THE BLESSING. I have completed part 1 but i would like to get funded to continue on with the series.

    Heres part 1

  7. 19 September 17, 5:09am

    I am involved in a drama, music and film production ministry. We have produced two movies and four live worship concerts on DVD.
    Is there any Christian organization that can help with grants for our productions?

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