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‘Living Hope’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Living Hope’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Living Hope

A powerful true story of three extraordinary people devoting their lives to serving the poor and the sick of Cape Town, South Africa.

In 1999, John Thomas, a pastor of a local church in Cape Town, South Africa, realized that an entire generation of his neighbors could soon be lost to HIV/AIDS, and poverty. The action he took not only changed his city, but attracted the attention of foreign dignitaries, rock musicians, and U.S. Presidents.

“Living Hope” is a feature-length documentary film that tells the inspirational story of John and the hundreds who cam alongside him to fight poverty and disease in South Africa. Filmed in a visual style comparable to a National Geographic feature, “Living Hope” takes audiences on a cinematic journey to Cape Town, where they follow alongside a group of amazing individuals who have devoted their lives to serving the poor.

“Living Hope” offers a seldom-seen perspective of the joy, heartache, and passion of missionaries in Africa. Narrated by Dove Award winner Joel Smallbone of the band, For King & Country, “Living Hope” also features personal stores from former White House Press …

Sneak Preview

Living Hope quote

Loved the beautiful quote at the beginning of the film by Mother Theresa which really makes you question what is your motive behind everything we do.

Besides the staggering statistics about HIV in South Africa, it’s amazing to learn about what Living Hope is doing there.  Here were some highlights:

  • What can 1 vision lead to?  One person committed to Jesus really can and will make a difference.
  • How can we change the lives of those around us.
  • Great stories, very inspirational and WOW – what a ministry covering all the needs around them.

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