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‘Love Different’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Love Different’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Love Different

When cultures clash… Hilarity ensues!

Lindsay Walker, a Caucasian woman who grew up in a small, all Caucasian town, gets a job at an African American consulting firm and finds herself in a complete culture shock!

An African American co-worker, Neque Campbell, is given the task to help Lindsay get acquainted with the African American culture. Lindsay has 48 hours to learn about the African American culture in order for her not to loose her job.

Through their hilarious and eye-opening journey together, they both come to understand even more than they signed up for.

Sneak Preview

Love Different

It’s not just Love Different, it’s a unique film, a comedy for sure, along with a serious thought provoking topic that isn’t revealed until close to the end of the film.  Some highlights:

  • Loved the talk between the 2 main characters about how a husband should be treating his wife. Beautiful.
  • Also loved the game he invents after this conversation.
  • Enjoyed the talk about God & Church.

Love different because not everyone is the same.  That statement gave me a lot to think about.

This Film will be released on DVD on April 29, 2016.  You can pre-buy the DVD below:

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  1. Keyondra Lester says
    17 April 16, 2:16am

    Original, far from cliche, emotionally appealing film that managed to capture the topic of judgement in the church that many young people can relate tocan and many may even consider taboo. That is the kind of boldness and originality America needs to see.

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