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What Can Cachet Entertainment offer Christian filmmakers?


What Does Cachet Entertainment Offer

  • Film Marketing & Distribution: The negative is in the can. But, you don’t know where to go next. Our track record speaks for itself. Whether it’s a small independent film or a big-budget feature, we design and execute marketing and distribution strategies for just about any size budget…successfully!
  1. Marketing & Distribution: Strategies, Theatrical Distribution and DVD Marketing & Distribution
  2. Marketing Consulting: Category Evaluation/Market Research,
  3. Public Relations & Social Media: Internet/Viral Marketing Strategy, Public Relations Strategy, Outreach/Street Team Development
  4. Direct Marketing: Email Marketing, Direct-to-Trade Marketing, Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
  5. Strategic Partnerships: Co-Promotion Sponsorships, Product Placements, Theatrical Exhibition Sponsorship


  • Film Producer Representation: Are you looking for an established distribution house or do you want to self-distribute? Are you weary of trying to sell or market your film by yourself? Are you needing help in negotiating contracts? Are you laboring with investors calling about distribution? Is your film… complete or in post-production? being readied for a film festival? languishing from rejections from distributors?

As a producer, you don’t always have the time or expertise to seek out and negotiate with theatrical, DVD, television or international distributors, or even find funding options for the completion of your film. Our job as your Producer’s Representative is to “sell the sellers” on your film. That is, we find, negotiate and secure the best distribution model for you. From established distributors to self-distribution, from worldwide rights to territory-specific deals, from theatrical distribution to television/VOD to DVD deals and more, Cachet has the experience and network to help you make your film successful.

  1. Licensing Plans and Management: As your Producer’s Rep, we can also negotiate and manage the myriad licensing rights affiliated with your film project. From television broadcast licenses to church licensing agreements, and more, we can navigate the maze of details, helping you avoid some of the licensing pitfalls while maximizing your revenue potential.


  • Media Planning/Buying/Analysis: Effective media plans don’t happen by accident. The best media plans come from employing a disciplined approach to the entire media placement process. This process includes exhaustive media planning, negotiating low rates and “added-value”, thoroughly auditing both the plans’ execution and results and then reevaluating the media strategy to address opportunities for improvement.

Cachet Entertainment can help you advertise your film via placing “Spot Buys” on Faith-Based and General market Television and Radio Networks. Whether it be for a theatrical release or direct to DVD release, our team of media professionals can help get media spots for your film placed on the top Faith-Based television programs including but not limited to “Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, 700 Club…..and many others” at reduced rates and during prime times. We can do the same on leading Faith-Based radio shows/networks. You don’t need a large marketing budget to effectively reach millions of Faith-Based consumers. For More Details, Contact Victor Vanden Oever at 615.807.1796.

1.      Media Planning: Media Planning is the critical first step in designing effective media buys. It involves utilizing a vast array of media research to enable the creation of a specific and measurable Media Strategy that defines the “who”, “how”, “when” and “where” of the media buy. It also establishes the specific targets against which the media buyers will negotiate the media rates.

2.      Media Buying: Media Buying involves the negotiating, purchase and placement of the media plan. Based on the Media Strategy, Cachet will negotiate with various media outlets for the best rates and placements of the media plan. At the same time, Cachet media buyers will be working with the media reps to identify opportunities for “added-value”, like no-cost sponsorships, and radio remotes, which will increase your media exposure, enhance your marketing message and create additional value from your media buys. Frequently, these promotions can be negotiated into a buy a little or no additional cost, but can improve the effectiveness of the advertising.

3.      Media Analysis: Let’s face it … the purpose of advertising your film is to get as many people as possible to go buy a movie ticket, buy a DVD, watch via VOD, purchase ancillary products including ministry resources, maximize # of viewers on TV…etc. Understanding how well each element in your marketing and media plans achieves this objective is critical to maximizing advertising ROI.

  • Film Business Plans: The business plan. Do you have one? How can you expect to successfully meet your business objectives, financial and otherwise, if you don’t have a road map that will take you there? The lack of a business plan is probably the biggest challenge we face with new clients; but, we can solve that for you. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you in creating your custom business plan that will help you achieve your goals, and to that in ways that are smarter and faster and better.
  • Film Financial Forecasting: “No margin, no mission.” It’s as simple as that. Whether it’s defining a theatrical release model or a direct-to-DVD format, we are experts at developing new business models and strategies for film companies and producers of all sizes. If your company is looking for new ways to maximize revenues, minimize expenses and optimize profits, we’d love to talk with you!
  1. Key Timelines
  2. Investment Summary Forecast
  3. Profit & Loss Statement
  4. Quarter & Annual Cash Flow Forecasts
  5. Cash Inflows
  6. Cash Outflows


Victor Vanden Oever – Cachet Entertainment – 615.807.1796 – E-mail

Personifying the performance-driven, results-oriented culture of the agency he founded, Victor Vanden Oever, is recognized industry-wide for conceptualizing and implementing groundbreaking marketing and distribution strategies that generate widespread public anticipation and advance box office ticket sales.

As CEO of the L.A.-based Providence Entertainment, he was the architect of the revolutionary marketing and distribution approach for the 1999 release, The Omega Code, #1 limited theatrical release according to the Hollywood Reporter, essentially inventing the faith-based direct marketing model. His campaign, credited with turning a $2 million investment into a $22 million box office and home entertainment sensation, has also become the template from which the leading faith-based film distributors build their current strategies.

Vanden Oever is a graduate of Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has also earned a Master’s Certification in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco. Prior to entering the filmed entertainment industry, he served as a vice president for investment banker, Drexel Burnham & Lambert. He resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and young son.



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