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‘3 (Three) Blind Saints’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

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‘3 (Three) Blind Saints’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


3 Blind Saints, Christian movie3 Blind Saints

Three childhood friends, Sam (Richard Speight, Jr., Independence Day, FX’s Justified), Jamal (Elijah Rock), and Frankie (Stelio Savante) have schemed since they were kids to make it big. While cruising in Sam’s beat up classic convertible on a road trip they find themselves in the small town of Rocky Road. Rocky Road is run by Rusty Pickens (Barry Corbin, No Country For Old Men) who has pretty much everybody in his back pocket, and after finding themselves in a spot of bother with local law enforcement, Sam and friends dig themselves deeper and deeper into trouble.

After claiming to have been ‘saved’ while in jail, the troublesome trio lands in the hands of the corrupt Rusty who puts them to work as new ministers in the church and it’s up to them to convince Rusty and the residents of Rocky Road that they are indeed the real deal! Soon though, it becomes clear to the newly appointed ‘ministers’ that Rusty doesn’t have the good people’s interests at heart and is using Sam and his pals to do his dirty work. It’s up to the guys to rise to the occasion and prove to themselves (and maybe the big guy upstairs too) that they have what it takes to do the right thing in this hilarious fish-out-of-water tale!


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3 Blind Saints Christian Woman

CFDb Movie Review

This is a fun, silly, family Christian movie.  I chose to showcase my favorite character in the film, Irma P. Hall and the one that was definitely most like Jesus, and an example to follow.

There were 3 things I really liked in this film:

  • The powerful statement made when meeting the church members the first time.  I have to say that this film brings out some real truths that are very sad.  Christian should be the most content, loving people in the world.
  • God has a way of using the most unlikely people to get His will done and sometimes very mysterious ways to bring someone to Him.
  • I really loved the refreshingly honest scene at the hospital.  That was unexpected!


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