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‘365 Decision Time’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘365 Decision Time’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


365 Decision Time

The Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever

This powerful drama centers around a typical, middle-class family separated by their mistakes and confronting compelling real-world issues. The twists of this captivating film emerge as five members of the Miller family reach a crossroad in their own individual lives:

Angelica and James – the parents; both professionals and divorced from one another. They each struggle with their own set of challenges and conflicting personalities, in addition to the various crises’ facing their three children.

Kathy – the oldest daughter, confronting the possibility of adultery in her marriage. Her husband Alex has always been an excellent provider and family man, but a recent promotion and association with a co-worker raises serious concerns.

Kevin – the middle child, accused of murder. Deep down, he is kind hearted, but Surrounds himself with people who compel him to make negative, detrimental decisions.

Jennie – the youngest child, a college student facing the consequences of an abortion after a broken relationship. She struggles with guilt and shame, while the thought of a new, healthy relationship makes her shudder.

Each character captivates the hearts of the audience in their own unique way as they face tough, life altering decisions. Will these struggles destroy them? Or, will they become enlightened by a passionate truth available to all those who seek and listen? Will each one realize that life without God leads down a dead end road of darkness? Which family members are willing to pay attention and claim restoration? Will some ultimately deny the truth? These are the choices that will change their lives forever.

Sneak Preview

365 Decision Time screenshot

Roger & I both like films showing angels. It helps you remember that we are not alone, that there is a spiritual realm as well as a physical one.  I wonder how many of us have met an angel before without being aware of it.

Here are some things I liked about the film or gleaned from it:

  • The main character’s wardrobe was SO unique and completely fit her personality.  I can’t recall another film making this kind of unique style.  Roger & I would look forward to seeing what outfit she would wear next.  That is something we’ve never done before.
  • Great musical score
  • Certain situations force us to change
  • God has reasons for allowing trials in our lives:
  1. Sometimes it’s to reveal what’s truly in our hearts and needs changing
  2. Sometimes it’s to grow stronger in our faith or to draw closer to Him
  3. Sometimes it’s to push us towards where we need to be physically as well – like a new job to reach a new person, etc.
  • Why are we here?  Usually it’s because we made a bad choice or tried the easy, wide road…instead of the narrow way.
  • Never give up in trying to reach your friends or family members for Jesus.  That is the most important message that brought me encouragement.

And finally…

  • In one way or another we can relate with the people of the Bible –  When I first became a Christian I would read through the Bible in shock at the horrible things people did.   After a few years I realized that I could find myself in each wretched character as God revealed to me (little by little) my true heart which is desperately wicked as the Bible states.  Jeremiah 17:9 – The heart is desperately wicked: who can know it? It’s only as I give us all for Him that my character can be beautiful, because it’s covered with Jesus’ robe of righteousness.  It’s when we see ourselves in those Bible characters that we become less interested in judging others, and more in loving and helping others.

There is some light cussing in this film so we’ve put a parental warning on the movie page.  There are some serious issues dealt with in this film so it wouldn’t be recommended for children.





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