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‘7th Street Theater’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘7th Street Theater’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


7th Street Theater

7th Street Theater is a dramatic series about five Christian actors who perform a weekly stage show for their community and deals with topics relevant to the Christian life and living in today’s world. This boxed set includes 6 Dvds with all 24 episodes of its first season.

The cast performs three shows every Saturday: a matinee and two evening performances. During the week, after they have selected a specific theme to do for that particular weekend show, they write and act out scenes and routines as they to convey their message.

There are 3 Seasons of 7th Street Theater.

Sneak Preview

7th Street Cast

7th Street Theater is a fantastic series.  Each episode has a strong Christian theme and message.  The entire cast of this series is fabulous!  We’ve enjoyed all of the episodes we’ve watched thus far and have yet to be disappointed.  These episodes deal with issues we all experience in every day life and the struggles we face.  It’s a unique series and we highly recommend it.

You’ll definitely establish your favorite characters quickly.  Ours are Hugh McLean who plays Jon Gates and Stacey Aswad who plays Andi Ramsey.


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