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“A Christmas Carol: 1938” ~ CFDb Review

A Christmas Carol 1938

On Christmas Eve, an old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the spirit of his former partner, Jacob Marley. The deceased partner was in his lifetime as mean and miserly as Scrooge is now and he warns him to change his ways or face the consequences in the afterlife. Scrooge dismisses the apparition but the first of the three ghosts, the Ghost of Christmas Past, visits as promised. Scrooge sees those events in his past life, both happy and sad, that forged his character. The second spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Present, shows him how many currently celebrate Christmas. The Ghost of Christmas yet to Come shows him how he will be remembered once he is gone. To his delight, the spirits complete their visits in one night giving him the opportunity to mend his ways.

Sneak Preview

This wonderful classic begins with a Christian Christmas Carol and there are several throughout which adds to this great film!

There are lots of gems in this film.  One is found in a statement made that during Christmastime people realize that they are all members of the same family and therefore show extra kindness.

Another is that no one can make up for the wasted opportunities of one life.  I completely agree with this.  We are all given a purpose in this life and only some choose to fulfill that purpose.

So, I had to look up what exactly is a Humbug?  I’ve never heard it used except in reference to this movie.  I had to look it up to find out.  This is what Wikipedia had to say:   Humbug is a person or thing that tricks or deceives or talks or behaves in a way that is deceptive, dishonest, false, or insincere, often a hoax or in jest.[1][2] While the term was first described in 1751 as student slang, its etymology is unknown. It is now also often used as an exclamation to mean ‘nonsense‘ or ‘gibberish‘.

We are not all given a 2nd chance like Scrooge and I think sometimes we each need our own special visitation to shake us out of our current state of mind and into being a person of gratefulness.  We can change our destiny by our everyday decisions!

The turnaround of Scrooge is fantastic and this is the same turnaround that I expect when a person becomes a Christian.  Sometimes it really is this drastic, making restitution whenever possible.  An awakening is what becoming born again really is about.  A realization of Jesus dying for our sins, cleansing our sins and giving us the opportunity to live with Him eternally.  What an amazing concept!

As Tiny Tim says, “God bless us EVERYONE!”

If you haven’t seen this version, we recommend it.  Christmas is a great time to watch this film again and during December, 2012 it’s available online on ENLIVE TV as well.

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