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‘Accidental Activist’ ~ CFDb Movie Review and Highest Recommendation

‘Accidental Activist’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
and Highest Recommendation


Accidental Activist


What happens when an ordinary Christian family is “accidentally” thrown into the fires of a heated battle of ideas?

Accidental Activist, follows the lives of Ted Murphy and his family as their reputations, friendships and even livelihood are threatened after he signs a petition supporting traditional marriage.

Based on actual events, Accidental Activist illustrates what can happen when the expression of personal convictions collides with a community’s perception of intolerance.


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This is a film inspired by actual events, and really made an impact on my life already, two-fold impact really.  One – to really think about something BEFORE I do it, what are the consequences, and, the fact that we should stand up for the truth when we are able to.  Some highlights for me from this film:

  • One signature CAN mean more than you think.  (One thing that wasn’t shown in the film was that your signature isn’t enough – you really have to include your legitimate address – a lot of signatures can not be used because the people signing didn’t include everything asked)
  • Very interesting information about some rules given AFTER slavery was abolished – you’ll have to watch to see but I never knew that fact and it was a shocking fact to find out.
  • Some humorous moments throughout.
  • Loved the scene with the family playing games together.  Wish the family night would come back on a regular basis in all homes.  (AND family worship too)
  • The sheer disbelief as to what happened to this family as a result of the husband signing 1 petition, never thinking it was a big deal.
  • Religious freedom – do we really have it anymore?
  • Powerful conversation between the minister and the husband.
  • This movie really caused me to feel their pain about the injustice of it all.
  • The hatred shown by the one main activist was so sad and really showed the destructive power of true hatred.

This film is a great discussion starter and motivator.  We HIGHLY recommend this film.


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