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Amberpark: The Beginning ~ CFDb Movie Review

Amberpark: The Beginning ~ CFDb Movie Review


Amberpark: The Beginning

Amberpark: The Beginning – Sophia is a single mother desperately trying to save her youngest son, Adrian from spiraling head long into the same deadly pattern that took the life of her oldest son, Gerald. As she sorts through what she believes are all of the natural causes for her sons trouble, she uncovers the horrifying truth that the malefactor in this deadly scenario is not drugs, depression or peer pressure, but a demonic hit man named Dino who has laid siege to a neighborhood called Amberpark and is drawing her son into it’s eternal darkness.

Before Sophia can save Adrian’s LIFE, she must first find the faith she needs to save his SOUL! Heaven and Hell face off in an epic urban battle as old as time itself as both Kingdom’s try to use the same weapon to defeat the other…MANKIND!


Sneak Preview

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Let me start by saying I do NOT like scary movies, but I do like movies about spiritual warfare. I have to give a parental warning as well.  Some intense scenes.

Normally I list things I liked about the movie, but this one was different so the review will be a little different too.  This film definitely had some scary and/or creepy parts, made me jump a couple of times.

This was a film that was worth our time, had a great message, and kept us interested throughout..  I wish we would have seen some more prayer woven into the spiritual warfare sections.  There is an older book by Frank Peretti called This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness that is all about spiritual warfare and the devil having a stronghold over a certain town.  I’ve always wished someone would make that film.  Watching this reminded me of this book series.

Roger and I especially liked the scene towards the end when an angel intervened, some great special effects there.

After watching this movie, it left us wondering if there would be a sequel.  If they do make a sequel, we hope they’ll make even more spiritual warfare scenes than in the first one.

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