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AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 3 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 3 ~

Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

Compassion International

Compassion International

Our neighbors at the AMTC Shine Event is Compassion International.  What a great Company and they received a lot of traffic over the past 3 days as well, including having some people sign up to become sponsors of some children.  Worthy cause!


New York Film AcademyThe Casting Process: Commercials, TV and Theater

Joey Zangardi of the New York Film Academy had a great seminar about the casting process.  Here are some of the tips he shared with us:

  • Make sure you have 2 head shots, 8 x 10, but you only need 1 headshot to bring with you to a casting call.
  • Send the same headshot to the different casting directors.
  • The headshot should be an accurate representation of what you really look like.  An example would be if you used to be a body builder but you’ve lost that muscle, your headshot should be updated to represent what you look like now.
  • If you have a monologue prepared, bring that with you as well.
  • List all your credits on your resume and staple the resume to the headshot.  Do NOT write on the back of your headshot.  This information should always be changing.
  • NEVER ever lie on your resume…
  • List special skills such as able to raise one eyebrow.  Things that make you unique.  Include things that would make you stand out from others.
  • Remove all addresses except the agents address.
  • Dates are not necessary, just what work you’ve done.
  • DO NOT AUDITION if you will not be available for filming on the day it’s scheduled for.
  • Know the background of the role – songs, lines, etc.
  • Have contrasting pieces if possible.  Show the variety of the work you can do.
  • Know your type – what character – age range – you can play.
  • Do NOT sway from the script, even if it’s bad.  (Commercials are doing a lot of improv.)
  • Be professional and likeable.
  • Keep your HANDS at your sides when doing a headshot.
  • Do NOT use your hands while talking, it’s distracting.  If you have to, sit on your hands and focus just on the lines.
  • Wear something that is like the part you are playing, but not overboard.
  • When auditioning, do not look the casting director in the eye, look above the head if you have to.
  • Pick material that is age appropriate and type.  Do NOT apply for a 10 year old role if you are 25 or a weightlifter and you have no muscles.  These are just a couple of examples.
  • When going to the audition, think ahead.  Who is casting?  What is being cast? Where is the movie being filmed?  When is the time frame of the movie? Who are you supposed to be?  This will help you to get the role.  DO your homework.  Be prepared.  Try and make the role personal.




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