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AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 4 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 4 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

Red Carpet Stars

Red Carpet Stars

Roger & I had a big surprise when my sister Pat and niece Tiffany stopped by and we got to have a picture on the Red Carpet.  It was great to be able to see my family for a short time while we were here for the big Shine Event for AMTC in Orlando, FL.


 Abbie Cobb & Mikaeyla

Audition Tips and Tricks for Stage, Commercials and Film/TV

Abbie Cobb, pictured above, from Secret Life of the American Teenager and an AMTC Graduate gave an EXCELLENT seminar about audition Tips & Tricks.  Abbie has agreed to write a blog for us in the near future about her book, which includes a chapter on marketing.  There was one part of this seminar that I wanted to really bring out that was fantastic.

Part of her seminar was about attitude.  Abbie talked about a friend of hers from high school who had such a great attitude about everything.  Reminded me a lot of Pollyanna and the glad game.  If she got a C on a paper, she would talk about what she needed to do to improve her grade the next time.  If she got a rip in her nice jeans, she talked about how she had read online about how to patch jeans and now she would have a chance to try it out.  This girl made an impact on Abbie’s life and it caused a change in her attitude as well.

Instead of being on the defensive, assume the best of others!  She told us about a true story, which was a great one.  It’s about misjudging others because you NEVER know why someone might be acting the way they are acting.  In this true example, a car cane speeding through a neighborhood, almost knocking over a mailbox and clipping the mirror off the car.  The police were called saying telling about the situation and blaming crazy teenagers who are irresponsible.  The police caught up with the car and found out that their cat had been shot through the head with an arrow and they were rushing to the vets.  The police escorted them the rest of the way and the cat was ok.  🙂

The point is clear…be merciful because you never know!  Then Abbie made an more important statement that stuck with me.

“God is incapable of making mistakes with your life!  Rest in that truth”  What a powerful statement.  I would put SELAH here – Pause and think about it!

Abbie ended with – “Be excellent in what you do and leave the rest to God.”  Turn things around for the positive.  It’s contagious.

AMTC Panel

 AMTC Shine Event Panel on Keeping Your Faith in the Industry

What a true blessing and privilege it was to be a part of this panel last night.  It was more like a church service.  What a great group of genuine Jesus loving Christians.  Everyone really made it clear that working in Hollywood and in this industry is a battlefield and it’s important to live a Christian life AND to share the gospel with others.  A couple of powerful testimonies were shared about how God used them to witness to other people and literally save their lives as a result.  You never know what impact you can have on other people.  Jenn Gotzon made mention of the fact that every person is important and should be treated kindly.  Make others feel important and Jenn is gifted in that area for sure.

There were a lot of people on this panel, hopefully I will get them all.  Annelie Rudlaff (CFDb), Victoria Staley (Raising Izzie), Pastor George Dillard (AMTC Board Chairman, Author & baptized 3 people this morning woo hoo!), Dustin Tavella (CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama), Josh Murray (Alone Yet Not Alone, Wish you Well), Abbie Cobb (Secret Life, Mom’s Night Out, Starstruck), Caleb Callahan (Fusion Models NY), Alycia Pascual-Pena (NBC’s Chase), Kenyatta (Alycia’s mom), Austen Brown Williams (Mrs. Texas, One Tree Hill), Bailey Tippen (The Watsons Go to Birmingham), Brandon Michael (Majors and Minors), Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield (Color Purple: Musical), Jenn Gotzon (God’s Country, Alone Yet Not Alone, Doonby), Lindsey Blackwell (Tyler Perry’s Temptation), Natarsha Garcia (AGI Performing Arts School Co-Founder), Brandin (her son), Joann Smolen (Rage Models & Talent – Agent), Gina Arreago (Co-Team Leader for the AMTC Dallas Hub), Dan Hollinger (Kim Dawson Agency, Dallas), Nelson Diaz (DMG Diaz Management Group, LA), Nate Butler (Do Good Entertainment, Atlanta).  I believe there is 1 beautiful little girl missing from this list and I couldn’t find out her name.  She is 7 years old and pictured in the front.  If anyone knows her name, please let me know so I can update the blog.



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  1. Pat says
    07 July 13, 11:37pm

    I was in the audience during this panel discussion. It was very uplifting and interesting. It was impressive to hear the panelists stories and their favorite Bible verse. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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