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Anna’s Heart on Family Friendly Movies


This is a subject that touches a deep spot in my heart…family friendly movies.  I think what bothers me most of all is that they are decent, clean, sometimes really inspirational movies WITHOUT showing any need for God within the film.


One such family friendly movie is Dolphin Tale 2, which we watched last night to see if there was any faith or need for God shown within the film because it was a film that was promoted by Christians.  We never added it to CFDb because we couldn’t get a straight answer whether this movie had any faith within it or not.  Well…it’s doesn’t…and you can’t count the quote saying, THEY say when one door closes, another one opens.  I believe that’s the exact quote.


So…it’s true that the movie was highly inspirational and there is no doubt to the fact that this happened and that Winter is almost like a therapy dolphin, especially for those with disabilities.

So what’s my deal?  Why does it bother me so much?  Because those people with disabilities have a chance to be whole again…here in this life (with peace and purpose) and in the next…with no more pain, suffering, or tears…by asking forgiveness from Jesus and living their lives for Him.  My heart longs for each person to understand how they are loved and how their lives have a purpose.  Family friendly movies purposely leave that important information out.


If you really want to understand this issue more thoroughly, watch ‘Time Changer‘.  This is a film that was not only thought provoking, it was humorous and enjoyable to watch.  It shows the dangerous result of sowing the seed of leaving Jesus out.

The maker of this film, Rich Christiano and his brother, Dave, are two filmmakers that stand for faith in all their films.  There is also a great interview with Rich about ‘A Matter of Faith‘, his newest film, and he touches on the issue of movies and how they touch people’s lives…for good or for evil.


I have to admit that according to this verse, Dolphin Tale 2 would fit accordingly.  My prayer is that each person would consider what seeds they are sowing in their own lives and into the lives of their children.  If we, as Christians, are going to continue to watch family friendly…without Jesus…, then make it a habit to discuss the film afterwards and place Jesus within the films, how things might have been different if they had known Jesus, or trusted Jesus?


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