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Anna’s Heart on Salvation in Movies

 anna_heartAnna’s Heart on …
Salvation in Movies

god_wants_you_to_be_savedI LOVE to see salvation in movies.  Some movies are meant for encouraging our faith, some are meant to bring someone to Jesus, and some are meant to do both.  CFDb exists for that reason…promoting Christian movies and working together to reach people for Jesus through Christian film.


God wants EVERYONE to be saved.  II Timothy 2:4 – Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

We know that when Jesus is lifted up, He draws all men unto him.  It’s beautiful when we watch movies that uplift Jesus.  It fills our hearts with joy.

Recently we watched a cartoon that was life changing for me.  I didn’t realize I was struggling with knowing whether I was saved or not, until I watched Torchlighter Series: The John Wesley Story.  This sparked a lengthy discussion with my husband and it led to the following realization:


This is what salvation is like(after we’ve confessed our sins and accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior)…  Each morning we move out in faith (still clinging to Jesus) from our place of safety (the strong tower or the foxhole, which is our retreat…or our salvation spot).  We head off to the battle and we win some and we lose some, but we always return at the end of the day to our place of safety to regroup, to confess our sins, to be strengthened for the next battle.

The danger for us is when we are walking in the opposite direction of God and His Word.  Otherwise we are walking towards God and His ways, growing and learning like a child does.  That is what sanctification is…the work of a lifetime.


We must rely on Jesus for everything and that is what truly brings us peace.  The explanation above may not explain it perfectly for everyone, but for me, it brought me such peace knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt I was saved.  I understood what Charles and John Wesley both experienced.


Sometimes we find Christian movies that surprises us, like the John Wesley cartoon did.  Other movies we recently watched also surprised us. ‘He Knows My Name‘ which really brought home how much God loves us individually and ‘Camp Harlow‘ which showed real Christianity in action and how God’s timing is different than ours, as well as how a heart touched by God can change.


Looking forward to seeing more movies made that will bring glory to Him and show others the plan of salvation.  Show your support to these God honoring movies so more can be made.


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