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Anna’s Heart on True Love in Movies

Anna’s Heart on…
True Love in Movies


So…I used to be…a hopeless romantic and absolutely LOVED watching romantic movies.  Let’s be Honest.  The reason women love these kinds of movies, chick flicks, is because that is what we think we want in real life.


Reality check…real men aren’t like the men we watch in movies, nor should they be.   Women should want men that work hard, that love God, that love them (with deeds, not necessarily with words).  We all know, from practical experience that words are cheap (most of the time).

Integrity_by_AbecedarianJamesonDoing what’s right when no one is watching, even at the cost of your life…Integrity.  Now when women find men that walk in integrity and honor God and them…that is the best gift of all.  It’s real…respecting one another and loving each other through the good and the bad times.

Have you ever seen ‘A Man Called Peter‘?  This is a romance film, yet it is all about God’s call on Peter Marshall’s life and his experience with how he met his wife.  It’s a beautiful movie and a real show of true love…without the ridiculous romance that we’ve all grown to love.  It was practical and a real example of how it’s meant to be.


Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, but remember…it’s God that carries the world…not us.  We all go through pain and suffering and loss, some more often than others.

Think of ‘The Book of Ruth‘, Naomi and Ruth went through unbelievably rough times and yet the story of Ruth and Boaz is a practical story.  There may have been some romance involved, but the Bible is silent on that issue.  Theirs is a love that was practical and yet lasting.

Ever feel like your are gold in the midst of the fire? We all do and normally, in a marriage or when you are in love, there is some sort of trial or hardship we face.  God loves us and we need to realize that everything we go through is supposed to strengthen us and in the case of marriage, deepen our relationship with God and our spouse.

Fireproof‘, although not based on a true story, can help and has helped many people fireproof their marriages, especially when they follow the advice of the book that goes along with the movie, The Love Dare.

This doesn’t mean that marriages won’t fail, because we live in a selfish world and we are all given that gift of a free will from God.  If you are struggling in your marriage, take the Love Dare challenge.  Even if a marriage isn’t saved, your relationship with God will be strengthened.  Keep praying.


Seek the truth in the Bible, in prayer, and even in movies.  Learn to appreciate everything that has been given to us, including our spouses, family, friends.  Learn to pray about what God wants for us in our lives, including the person we marry, the jobs we accept or reject, the movies we watch and refrain from watching, the words we speak and the timing we speak them.

We not only need to fireproof our marriages, we need to fireproof our faith and stop wanting to live in a fantasy world, that doesn’t really exist, except in our minds and in the movies.


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