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Anti-Bullying PSA ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

Anti-Bullying PSA ~
CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation



Anti-Bullying PSA 1 from Sabyn Mayfield on Vimeo.



Rob Marcarelli shared with us 2 Anti-Bullying Videos that they had just completed for general release.  They are giving them to any group, organization, or individual for free.

If you are interested in more details, please e-mail Rob.

The links are found here:

The first link is the longer version that is featured above in this blog.

The bottom line is to stand up and make a difference.  One person (YOU) can make a difference in someone’s life, whether they are being bullied or just need a friend because every single person on this planet lives in a sinful world and each person is suffering in one way or another.

I heard a statement one time from Joyce Meyer that I never forgot, “Hurting people…Hurt people!”  There is a reason why bullies are the way they are.  They need true friends too.

If you want to see a powerful great kids film about bullying, check out ‘The Buttercream Gang‘ (younger kids) or ‘To Save a Life‘ (teenage).

Girl-Image-2If you are struggling with your faith or depressed, please talk with a spiritual coach now!

Need some more encouragement?  These words are for YOU!

Dear one of Mine,

I see that you need encouragement today.  I actually see you every day, all day.  I’m the One who watches over you and even planned your birth a long time before I made the earth or the Milky Way.  I couldn’t wait to see you born and to see your life unfold.

I love you so much and have since before anything existed.  I’ve poured out My love on you from heaven above and earth below.  I’ve poured out My love from a manger and down from a cross.

Both today’s enjoyments and today’s difficulties on earth are real, but they are both temporary.  Your forever rejoicing will come soon – when I do.  Until then, know that you are loved, and let that love fill you with peace this very day.

I’m here for you now and always.

Your Savior and Shepherd, JESUS



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