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‘Into My Arms’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Into My Arms’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Into My Arms

Into My Arms – A well reported statistic is about one-quarter of all pregnancies in the United States end in abortion. What is less reported is the effect that abortion has on women who go through the procedure. Often discouraged by the secular mental health profession from discussing negative aspects of abortion, these women are left to suffer alone. In this revealing documentary, we hear the very personal stories of five women who chose abortion.

In their own words they bravely share their struggles with remorse and the array of psychological challenges faced after their decision. Their heart-wrenching stories are explored by some of the world’s leading Christian counselors who offer hope for forgiveness, healing and restoration.

Into My Arms is a healing tool for those who are experiencing post-abortion trauma. It also offers vital information for those considering abortion and for those who have loved ones that have experienced abortion to offer understanding. Featuring insightful commentary from John Eldredge (author of The Sacred Romance and Wild at Heart), Dr. Diane Langberg, Christopher West, Georgette Forney, Theresa Burke, Jan Frank and others.

Sneak Preview

into my arms

A highly emotional documentary that shares some true heartbreaking stories about women who have had abortions and the trauma that ensued.  A few things that were brought out in this were:

  • Every life has a purpose.
  • So many suffer after they’ve had an abortion.
  • The woman thinks she is getting rid of a problem, but in reality most are exchanging that 1 problem for years of problems.  Abortion is NOT a solution.
  • Each person has a story and they all need to share that story in order to heal.
  • You meet a lot of people who regret having an abortion, but what you don’t meet are people who regret having a child.

Into my arms counseling dvd setInto My Arms

There is also a counseling series entitled,

Into My Arms DVD Counseling Series

This 5 hour ten-part video series with accompanying curriculum is a tremendous resource for those who are suffering from the trauma associated with having an abortion.

Although we haven’t watched the series we are sure it would be a great series to use for counseling those who have had abortions.

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Purchase Into My Arms Counseling DVD Set

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