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‘As I Stand’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘As I Stand’ ~
CFDb Movie Review
& Recommendation


As I Stand

As I Stand is a feature film about two young men whose families are faced with unexpected tragedies. This heart warming story follows Devin Wheeler and Matthew Daniels as they search for peace and understanding through God. While Devin turns to his faith for strength and guidance, Matthew turns away from his faith placing blame and demanding answers.

As the landscape of their lives continue to change, each man handles the road ahead in a very different fashion. The story comes full circle when both men meet at a crossroads faced with the same question…Would you love God for nothing?

Sneak Preview

Ian Hutton

What an unexpected surprise.  This is a film that really contrasts the difference between two Christians, both experiencing terrible tragedies, yet responding quite differently.

We sometimes lose our way, but amazing that God can bring someone into our lives that can really make a difference and get us back on track.  May we all seek to be the person that gives everything to help someone else…living unselfish lives, just like Jesus did.

Love to see God bringing things around full circle for us.  We don’t always see how He works things together for our good, but sometimes we do and that is a beautiful thing.

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