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Award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon’s Video EPK / Acting Demo Reel

Jenn Gotzon

Impacting and inspiring audiences through the art of storytelling on film is Jenn Gotzon’s mission as an actor. Jenn’s passion is playing protagonist roles that have the ability to entertain, educate and capture the heart of viewers across the world.

Jenn Gotzon’s career break portraying President Nixon’s daughter Tricia Nixon (cameo) in Ron Howard’s Oscar nominee “Frost/Nixon” launched her as a Rising Indie Film Star leading 8 family films soon-to-be released 2013, including Vatican endorsed romance-thriller “Doonby” & festival-winning dramedy “God’s Country.” Jenn Gotzon, “who is compared to a young Meryl Streep for her chameleon-like transformations,” states Valley Social Magazine, uses her lead roles as a platform to inspire audiences as a role model.

Jenn and Peter Mackenzie

Here is a great photo on the red carpet at the Pan Pacific Film Festival which is where I had the privilege of first meeting Jenn and Peter, who is the producer of “Doonby“, which is a movie that everyone should see.  Keep an eye out for it at the beginning of the year, 2013!

I’m excited about Jenn’s acting career and looking forward to seeing her growth as an actress.  She is the type of person that anyone can meet and immediately be comfortable with.  She has a special gift of making people feel at ease around her.  If you ever get the chance to meet her, don’t be shy…it will be worth your time to introduce yourself and getting to know her as a person.

Watch Now

Demo Reel


For more videos…Check out Jenn’s YouTube Channel.

For more information on Jenn…Go to her Facebook Fan Page.

For Jenn’s resume…Go to her website:

Looking to hire Jenn…Get her complete Acting demo reel.

 Jenn Gotzon wins Best Actress award in”Stained” at 168 Film Festival


Jenn in “God’s Country



MORE CFDb News – COMING SOON – Actor/Actress Pages – We’re hoping to have individual pages available by the end of January, 2013…possibly sooner!  We’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Katherine "Katie" Waisanen says
    27 November 12, 11:13pm

    Jenn is a true treasure and her personality is as inspiring as her work! I love that they compared her to a young Meryl Streep! What a compliment! Jenn, you go girl! You are achieving greatness and impacting lives in the process! Can’t wait to see the next films that come out!!!

  2. Annelie says
    28 November 12, 5:59am

    That is funny about the young Meryl Streep comment. When we were watching her at the Pan Pacific Film Festival Erica from Sonoma Christian Home said that she reminded her of a young Glenn Close. Two amazing actresses to be compared to.


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