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‘The Beautiful Beast’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘The Beautiful Beast’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


The Beautiful Beast

The Beautiful Beast – A modern spin on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast! When spoiled, self-centered Isabelle gets lost on a skiing vacation in Switzerland, she takes refuge in an abandoned cabin. There she meets Jeremy—an American recluse who’s hiding from his past. Can Jeremy’s love melt Isabelle’s heart—and open her eyes to what’s truly important?



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Although this one had some great moments and fabulous cinematography, I couldn’t help but compare it to one of my all time favorite films, ‘Belle and the Beast‘, so I was a little disappointed because my expectations were way too high.

Here are some things I did like about this film:

  • The epitome of selfishness throughout most of the film for the main character but then the statement later how she didn’t want to be that way anymore.  (How many of us have said those same words to God!)
  • The true friendship shown with Catherine.  When there is love in a relationship, we can tolerate almost anything and can forgive everything.
  • What a difference God can make in a person’s life, as well as what a difference 1 person can make in another person’s life.  Brings encouragement!

Sylar_Heroes_by_FallenAngel_S.pngWho remembers Sylar from Heroes?  I watched this series for awhile until it just got too confusing for me, but Sylar made such an impact on me that I had a dream one night about him and I want to share it here, as it relates to what a difference one person can make in another person’s life.

I dreamed that Sylar and I went to high school together and I knew that he was really disturbed but wondered if I could make a difference by becoming his friend and I did and he changed as a result.  This dream impacted me greatly.  Every time I hear about a murderer or a suicide on the news I wonder…what if someone had become that persons friend and told them about Jesus???

We CAN make a difference in someone’s life, and even more so, if we show them Jesus in our lives and tell others about Him too.

Shona KayJenn Gotzon

So, one thing that stood out to me in this film was the main character (Shona Kay) and how much she reminded me of Jenn Gotzon, in her looks and mannerisms.







There were some humorous moments in this film, but my disappointment was that the only Christian in the film wasn’t very loving and had such a bad attitude to begin with.


Melanie GardnerMelanie Gardner

Melanie Gardner played Catherine, Isabelle’s best and truest friend.  She did a wonderful job, she was my favorite in the film and hope to see her again in future faith based films.

There were quite a few humorous moments in this film, but my overall disappointment was that the only Christian in the film wasn’t very loving and had such a bad attitude to begin with.  It makes me wonder how many of us really are that way, Christians with a bad attitude…May God help us if we are portraying the One that died for us in a bad light.

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