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‘Believe Me’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Believe Me’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Believe Me

Sam (Alex Russell) stands on stage as thousands of fans go wild. Smart, charismatic, handsome, he moves them with his message, and when he calls for donations to his charity, the money pours in.

Only thing is, Sam doesn’t believe a word he’s saying.

Just months earlier, Sam was a typical college senior focused on keg stands, hookups and graduation. But when a surprise tuition bill threatens his dream of law school and leaves him thousands of dollars in the hole, he’s forced to think outside the box. Convincing his three roommates they can make a killing exploiting the gullible church crowd, the guys start a sham charity and begin campaigning across the country, raising funds for a cause as fake as their message.

For Sam, embezzling money is easy compared to getting attention from the person he cares about the most. When Callie (Johanna Braddy), the tour manager and Sam’s love interest, finally uncovers the guys’ ruse, it’s Sam’s moment of truth.

On the final night of the tour, before a packed auditorium but alone in the spotlight, it’s time for Sam to decide what he really believes.

Sneak Preview


A lie is NEVER a good idea.  This is a movie that was quite enjoyable and not always predictable.  Here were some highlights:

  • The unexpected factor that came a few times for me throughout this film.
  • The very tastefully done graduation scene.
  • Repetition to the extreme in the Jesus x 16 song.  Another one of my pet peeves (too much repetition in worship songs).  This was really funny, as well as the section where they were learning how to behave like Christians.  (For my pet peeves in movies read ‘Anna’s Heart on Pet Peeves in Movies‘.
  • If your hope is not in Jesus, then you’re still hopeless, which reminds me of how we feel about family friendly movies.  Great advice on how to live, but the people watching are still lost at the end of the day.
  • LOVED the response of the leader towards the end of the movie.  I wish more Christians would behave like this…being careful not to do anything that might harm another brother.
  • Forgiveness message and true friendship portrayed.

We are definitely creatures of emotion, and as Christians, we can be taken advantage of easily if we are not careful.  Jesus told us to be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.  The Bible also says in Proverbs 27:12 – A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.

I hope this film will be a wake up call to be more careful, and yet, be on the look out for being a witness to someone that may be deceiving us.

There is a parental warning on this film because of light language.  The language is appropriately placed and doesn’t detract from the message of this film.

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