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“Belle and the Beast” ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

BELLE and the Beast

Eric Landry is a cold-hearted man that people have nicknamed “the Beast.” Years of anger and bitterness have consumed him, turning him into a selfish man. But Belle Watson is the exact opposite. She’s caring and kind. She works hard to help her family, often sacrificing her own wants and desires to satisfy the needs of others.

When her father accidentally breaks a valuable work of art at the Landry mansion, Belle is thrust into the life of the Beast. Trying her best not to be intimidated by his meanness, Belles agrees to work for Eric in an effort to repay him and save her father’s job. She discovers there just might be more to Eric.

Will she find the man within the Beast?


Sneak Preview

Matthew Davis as Eric Landry

I’ve heard some bad reviews about this film, but this is MY FAVORITE Christian Romance Film…EVER!  I have seen this film more times than I can remember and each time I laugh really hard, even though I know the movie practically by heart!  So, when you see this film and I tell you that I laugh at every thing that Matthew Davis says and does, then you’ll know I’m a little strange.  I LOVE rude people.  They crack me up.  Even the ones in real life, but of course, I pray like crazy for them as well, because I know…hurting people…hurt people, like Joyce Meyer always says.  I agree with this statement…100%.

Stephanie Wood as Belle

Now, Belle is the perfect Christian in character in this film and another reason why I absolutely love this film.  This film has so many gems in it.  She seems to permeate purity.

There is one more character I have to mention, even though I really loved ALL the characters.  Craig, who is played by Everest Bishop, is FANTASTIC.  He is another one that truly cracks me up.  His personality is so hilarious and so similar to the original Beauty and the Beast Gaston character, only not quite as mean or conceited.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I LOVED this film!  I hope you like it as much as I did.  It’s definitely a chick flick.


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  1. Tom says
    16 September 12, 12:22pm

    This is a pretty good movie. Some good lines. Not overly christian though. Also watch you don’t end up with the “Latter day tale” which is the mormon version.

  2. Rocky says
    04 December 12, 1:08pm

    The actors were: Summer Naomi and Matt Reese.

  3. patsy wilson says
    14 May 13, 9:53am

    I love this film so much. Both actors Matthew Reese and Stephanie Wood play their parts well. I keep hoping there will be a sequel because I love this movie so much. It is so sweet and even though Eric Landry is very mean at first it is so wonderful to see how God uses Belle to change him into a kind considerate man. I would love to see them carry the story on so we can see the change with him and Belle together as a couple. I have watched it so many times that I know every scene by heart. It is a great movie and I have watched it several times…


  4. Annelie says
    14 May 13, 9:56am

    As you know I am fully with you on a sequel to this one as I loved this movie so much. 🙂


  5. Jim says
    14 February 14, 1:30pm

    What am I missing here? Over and over I read what a terrific “Christian” movie this is and yet Christ is not even mentioned in it, much less the need for a Savior! Redemption is the most important message that a Christian movie could convey and this bit of theatrical tripe not only fails to include that, it only fringes even the existence of any sort of god (small gee intended).
    From what I’ve read, the original version (subtitled ‘A Later-Day Tale’) didn’t even use the Bible as a prop but instead used the so called Book of Mormon. In the version subtitled ‘A Christian Romance’ they also changed the name of the story by changing ‘Beauty’ to ‘Belle’ and additionally they changed the last names of the 2 primary actors to reduce the likelihood of people even making the connection that the one that is subtitled ‘A Christian Romance’ is just the Mormon propaganda tool with a couple of scenes replaced. The most emphatic discussion in the whole story is an argument about destroying a copy of the Bible and the initial reason for the anger is because ‘it’s a nice copy’ and even in the follow-up, the argument that it is ‘God’s word’ fails to clarify the difference between the printed pages and the Author’s message. It may come as a shock to a lot of people but simply making a story which doesn’t have lusty dialog, bare skin or vulgar or profane language in it, doesn’t make it Christian. Good behavior does not entitle anyone to their eternal reward. If man were vindicated by good behavior, then Christ died needlessly. (Galatians 2:21)

  6. CFDb says
    14 February 14, 5:04pm

    Hi Jim, I here ya, you are correct, this is a name changed film, that is a valued point. This one was changed and marketed as Christian, that’s why it’s on CFDb. If it did have anything with the LDS message in it, we would put up a warning, so people would know, but this film has nothing in it, as you said it was taken out. They have done this with a few other films as well. Not all films have a strong Christian message. We don’t even agree with all films on CFDb, but we are a database, so if the film is marketed as Christian we list it with a trailer and reviews for others to decide what they want to watch.

    I wish we could be a database with just films we like, but that would be no database, lol Hope you understand. We always like to here what others think, so thanks for sharing, and would love to here what you think about other films. I know this film does not have a strong message, but it does show a need for God, so we did like it. 🙂

  7. Jim says
    15 February 14, 8:10am

    Your response does not surprise me, but it does disappoint me. If the entries in your database only have to be marketed as Christian, there really is no hope of keeping the wolves away from the sheep.
    Tell me. If I said a dolphin is a fish, would it make it true? At a glance, it looks like one, but science says it is not.
    There have been few times in my life that I’ve felt such a compelling need to stand in defense of Christianity, but this is one of them. What the Mormons have done metaphorically (with this movie) is drag the dead skunk out of the room but the stench still remains. Even when they removed the Book of Mormon from the story and replaced it with the Bible they were incapable of expressing the truth in regard to the value of God’s Word, putting all the emphasis on the gift rather than the Giver. But this does not surprise me either. The Bible states that God is unchanging (Hebrews 13:8) and yet the fundamental doctrine of the Mormons says, “As God was, we are. As God is, we will be.” Is it wise to buy into anything they market, much less a storyline that was initially written as an endorsement for the blasphemous propaganda tool called the Book of Mormon?
    One of the distinctions that will always separate God from man is that when God sets the rules and guidelines it NEVER becomes a shelter for evil to take refuge. When man makes the rules it always does. My recommendation for your screening process is to use God’s template. A very good starting point would be Matt 7:18.

  8. CFDb says
    16 February 14, 3:06pm

    Hi Jim,

    I’m glad you have Good Christian Standards for the films you watch, we do also, I wish more people had strong Standards and quit watching all the junk films out there. There are so many films out there and many Great Christian movies, so you can find ones you like. Many people like different kinds of films and many people like this film, but I understand your reasons for you not to watch it. If your looking for a certain kind of movies we can help you with a list of ones I think you will really like with nothing that would be what you don’t like in this film. 🙂

    Just let me know if you would like some recommendations.

  9. Rick Livingston says
    08 December 16, 2:19am

    Sorry, Jim, but I have to take issue with you. I love the word of God and am not shy to share the gospel when the doors are open. I liked the more explicit Christian movie, “God is not Dead.” But each movie is a different work of art. Belle exemplified a great Christian witness to Eric through whom the Holy Spirit worked, and he portrayed what the transforming power of the Spirit can do in a man.

    Hey dude, God is love, and that was what was produced in both the receiver and the giver in this beautiful film with a great closing scene.

  10. Shelly says
    11 February 17, 11:10pm

    Stephanie Wood’s outer beauty really did permeate throughout this movie, but also her character’s inner beauty shown through as well. I liked her in this movie but this is the only movie I have seen her in. Is she in any other movies.

  11. 15 February 17, 11:03am

    Hi Shelly,

    She has a filmography on IMDb – Summer Naomi Smart


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