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‘Best Friends Recycled’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Best Friends Recycled’ ~
CFDb Movie Review


Best Friends Recycled

Tony and Jackson have been best friends since the Vietnam War. When Jackson lines up Tony with an attractive widow, he doesn’t consider that the dynamics of his friendship with Tony could be drastically altered. Just when it looks like Tony might be tying the knot again with a woman with whom he has fallen completely in love, a past mistake rises out of the ashes to jeopardize the mutually exhilarating relationship.



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Really enjoyed this film that included lots of humor and at least 1 topic brought out that most films won’t touch.

Some interesting thought provoking comments throughout the film and LOVED the tie breaker comment.  You’ll have to watch it to understand.

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  1. Pat Porter says
    09 February 16, 8:33pm

    This is a fun movie to watch, as well as thought provoking at times. You will get a kick out of the banter between Tony and Jackson, and the ladies add to the fun. We laughed a lot, and thought about some things we hadn’t thought about much before. It’s a great addition to your DVD collection!

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