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“Beyond Acceptance” ~ CFDb Recommendation, Review & Giveaway


When Evans, a ten-year-old unwanted child, enters his home, Aaron’s life is permanently transformed. Believing they have much to offer, Aaron and his wife, Stacy, chose to use their family and stable home as a platform to reach out to children in need through foster care. However, this undertaking was not as simple as they had anticipated.

Evans is their first placement. Abandoned as an infant and tossed from home to home, he is a boy with no hope of ever being wanted. Aaron and Stacy often find themselves wondering about the outcome of their ambitious undertaking. The coping behaviors Evans has developed as a result of his past make him extremely challenging. Tantrums, mysterious disappearances, food fights, and impenetrable silence become a new part of their everyday life. Aaron is shaken by his lack of control. Stacy is crushed by the rejection of her affection.

Their daughter, Jennie, is resentful of the chaos now ruling her life. As each new obstacle surrounds their family, they are dragged continually closer to the breaking point. Their future is fraught with questions. Can they continue? Will Evans ever understand? Will they be able to entrust themselves wholeheartedly to the hands of God? Is it possible to love the unlovable. . . is he really beyond acceptance?

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” — 1 John 4:18a


Sneak Preview


If you have adopted or are currently fostering, then you will really want to see this film.  I love the words after the title: Every Moment A Choice!

This is what God has been showing me for the past few months.  Learning to live for Him every moment, one moment at a time and each moment is a choice.  It’s something to really think about!

This family makes a decision to foster a difficult child and what they go through is probably just a small portion of what they would have really had to go through if this was a real life situation.  Gaining the trust of another human being takes time…sometimes a LOT of it.  In the meantime, even as a Christian, each member will be stretched to the limit, even to the breaking point.

One thing in particular I really loved about what they did was place the child’s name on the wall in his room.  To me this was a fantastic touch, a small beginning of making him feel at home with them.

I really enjoyed this movie and I think you will too.

Katherine Gifford as Jennie

So maybe I’m the only one, but each film I see, I pick out someone that reminds me of someone I know.  This is what happened for me and Katherine as Jennie.  LOVED her character, even though she was really a brat at times.  What is so funny about her is that as soon as I saw her I said, oh there’s Tiffany, my niece.  For me, it makes the movie even more enjoyable, like your watching a friend or relative on the TV.

There is one thing that she did in this film that really had an impact on the little boy.  Even though this worked, it wasn’t necessarily right.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers here so I’ll leave it at that.  Just think about what she could have done instead that would have worked just as well.




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  1. Deborah Seeley says
    26 August 12, 4:59pm

    This movie sounds awesome!!!!

  2. Annelie says
    03 September 12, 9:02am

    Congratulations to our winner – Otniel!


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