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Big Finale Pan Pacific Film Festival & Award for Biggest Ditz

Roger ~ CFDb in a Tux

This picture is actually from the first night, Thursday night when Roger was thinking there would be a lot of other men wearing a Tuxedo, but NO SUCH DEAL!  The plan was to dress down the Tux for the first night and then wear the full tux for Friday and Saturday.  This ended up being the ONE and ONLY time he would wear it and probably won’t ever wear one again.  For those of you that know Roger, you’ll be laughing that he ever wore one in the first place.


What a DELIGHT – I plan on doing a full blog review on it within a couple of months.  FANTASTIC film with a great twist at the end, totally unexpected.  A real treat this one was.   Doonby premiered on Sunday night, for the end of the festival.  It was a great finish and a real blessing.

WINNERS for the Movie Drawing

We have 5 winners from the Film Festival – We brought along 25 movies so people could choose which movie they wanted to win.  Here are the winners and prizes:

Michael – Woodcarver – WWJDII
Alice – Search for Mt. Sinai
Chuck – Search for The Ark of the Covenant
Susanna – October Baby
Sandy – Christmas Miracle

The Pan Pacific Film Festival, PPFF, which ended on Sunday 10/21/2012, was truly a blessing.  We are so thankful that we were able to go.  Now for the BIG FINALE…

Award for the Biggest Ditz goes to…

None other than…ANNELIE from CFDb.  Wait until you hear this…

If you remember when I was blogging about the event I requested prayer for being under attack and so many wonderful people prayed for us as an entire shipment of our orders went missing and the loss was going to add up to about $1000.  It was a huge blow for us and a testing time…until TODAY!

We FOUND the missing bucket of orders…in our other CAR!  This has been missing since 10/9 and we just found it today.  What happened is that I put the bucket in the back of the one car because the cars were supposed to be switched around.  That didn’t happen until today and then Roger walked inside the house with the missing bucket full of orders.  I am SOOOO embarrassed as I had so many people praying about this.

Not only do I have to confess to all of you, but to my prayer partners as well as all of our customers AND the post office which we just yesterday handed them this list of missing packages which they couldn’t figure out what happened to them.


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  1. Cindy says
    25 October 12, 5:28pm

    Annelie, that is TOO funny…and so like something I would do. 🙂
    I can’t wait to read your blog about Doonby. I am supposed to do a write-up on it when I do my next article on Jenn, and I haven’t actually seen the film. LOL! However, I have gotten some reactions from friends who have. Btw, I do write my articles differently than I do my reviews!!

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