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‘The Board’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘The Board’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


The Board

The inside story of one human soul, wrestling with the ultimate decision.

A dilemma is posed and a battle ensues. One-by-one the power brokers of the soul Mind, Memory, Emotion, Heart, Will, and Conscience step forward to weigh in. The stakes couldn’t be higher. The outcome has consequences for eternity.



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Roger and I watched this film awhile back but didn’t review it, so we watched it again and liked it even better the 2nd time.  This one is a keeper and really gives you a lot to think about.  You have to really pay attention to what’s going on or you’ll miss some great points.  This Christian film was inspired by a sermon.  Makes me wish I was there for that sermon.  Here are a few things I liked about this one:

  • VERY thought provoking, really challenges your mind.  Also UNIQUE!
  • Brings out how we can’t trust our feelings.  (That’s a fact!)  The Bible states our hearts are desperately wicked and who can know them.
  • Brought conviction to me about honesty.  I’ve always thought I never lied, but after watching this film, it caused me to question if I was more dishonest than I thought and had to ask God to show me what I needed to change in my life.  For that reason alone it would rate as a great film!

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