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Brad Stine: God’s Comic ~ CFDb Movie Review

Brad Stine: God’s Comic ~
CFDb Movie Review


Brad Stine: God’s Comic

Defending the Faith with “Funny”…

The wait is finally over! Here is Brad Stine’s first new DVD in over five years! The title “God’s Comic” was coined by the New Yorker magazine. Brad is the most culturally relevant, secular media covered, influential Christian comedian ever and the only Christian comedian to use Christian worldview as social commentary throughout his show.


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I am not a fan of comedy, mostly because it tends to be a little too risque for my taste, or has a hint of dishonesty.  It’s hard not to make fun of people and still be funny.  Even with that said, I really did love some moments in this one.  Here were my highlights:

  • God’s creative works vs. our human created works.  Hilarious.
  • Loved the womb comment (Adam).  Can’t give any spoilers.
  • Science = Let’ see what God has done.
  • Personal responsibility.
  • Endure the curse to receive the blessing.

G.O.D. – G=Genesis/O=Our Fault/D=Deliverance.  This was more like a comedy sermon with a powerful message.  ENJOY!

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