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‘Bringing Joshua Home’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘Bringing Joshua Home’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


Bringing Joshua Home

Bringing Joshua Home – tells the personal story of one family who successfully adopted a Russian child. Arthur and Hanna Rasco share the challenges, joys, and drama of adopting their baby boy from Moscow and introducing him into their family. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to adopt internationally, this film gives an inside, real-life look into the process from start to finish.

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Very well done documentary on adopting Joshua from Russia.  This did take place BEFORE late December 2012, when Russian Presiden Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning all American adoptions of Russian children.

The statistics are staggering…estimates between 700,000 to 2,000,000 orphans in Russia.

This story is about changing the world for 1 little boy…Joshua!  This family has done their part in becoming an solution to the problem.  We pray this catches on for all children everywhere to be adopted into God fearing, loving families!

I LOVED the picture of organization of the mom when getting ready to leave for yet another trip to Russia.  If you don’t pay attention you might miss it.  It takes place while they are giving instructions to the grandfather.

My nephew is in the process of adopting a child named Alex from the Ukraine.  The rules there haven’t changed thankfully.  I can’t wait to meet the 2 newest additions to their family…they recently had a baby boy named Artemis as well.

I believe if you are considering adopting outside the US, this would be a great video to watch, as well as checking out the blog that took place during the adoption process…which is normally quite lengthy.    Adoption blog


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