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‘Brother White’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

‘Brother White’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation


Brother White

A heartwarming fish out of water comedy about an associate pastor at a rich mega church in California who finds himself the pastor of poor African American church in the worst neighborhood in Atlanta. James White (White) is one of dozens of associate pastors at a rich mega church in Southern California under the tutelage of television evangelist Johnny Kingman (Wise).

He always longed to have his own church and jumps at the opportunity to become pastor of the impoverished Divine Faith Apostolic Church in Atlanta. His wife and two children aren’t very enthusiastic about his assignment. Neither is the congregation itself, but they will have learn to trust each other and pull together to save the church from a corrupt banker anxious to foreclose. It will take a musical miracle, supplied by BeBe Winans himself, to save them all in this heartfelt, family-friendly comedy.


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Brother White family photo

This is the 3rd time we’ve seen this movie and I thought I had already reviewed it. GREAT Christian movie!  Great cast!  Very humorous, yet serious throughout.

There were 3 things I loved most about this film:

  • The way this family treated people…all people…there was no separation.  Everyone was treated with honor.  They didn’t see color or status…just treated people the way Jesus would.  If every Christian would do this, imagine the love that would spread throughout this world and quickly!
  • “If we see ourselves as God see us, others will see us that way too.”  Great quote from the movie.
  • LOVED the little girl singing at the end.  I really thought EZ was going to sign her on and become a full fledged record producer.  Maybe that’s for a sequel.

Well worth your time watching – good for the entire family and what a fabulous cast as well!

Brother White

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