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Building a Movie Ministry in Your Town

Building a Movie Ministry in Your Town

HOICMC-nowebRegional Movie Ministries


In 2009, regional men’s ministry Men of AIM (action/Integrity/Maturity) co-sponsored the film The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry in Peoria, Illinois. Four months later, another film lasted just two weeks, and the Heart of Illinois Christian Movie Central was launched.

The ministry networks with others who want to see Christian movies succeed, providing updates on Christian films coming to town, so plans can be made for groups to go opening weekend.


“We can email 3,000 people as easily as 30,” explains ministry director Rich Gerberding, “and instead of ten million dollars of TV ads reaching empty living rooms and commercial-skipping DVR’s, our emails specifically reach people who already WANT to know.”

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As their network grows with each film, it becomes easier to share to future films with more people. Sherwood Pictures effectively used this approach to grow from Flywheel to COURAGEOUS, but Regional Movie Ministries (RMM) provide more steps for growth.

“In the past 5 years over 30 Christian films have played in Peoria, while a specific studio might only have 2-3.   10 times the opportunities to grow your engaged audience – that is the power of a RMM, along with giving a local face to the ongoing Christian movie effort.”

The group is praying for 500 RMM’s across the US, independent in operations and decision making, but networking together for prayer and encouragement to maximize the impact of Christian films in our culture.


Gerberding has written a short (52 page) booklet about their efforts and tips for others to plant Regional Movie Ministries. “It is short so people can read it and take action, any action. We don’t have all the answers, but we definitely know doing something is more effective than continuing to complain ‘Christian films never come to my town’!”


Contact Rich Gerberding


Although we normally don’t do book reviews,
this is an exception as it pertains to Christian Movies!

Get a copy of this 52 page book at Amazon so you can find out all the details about Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, and Film.

If we really want to impact our communities for Christ, this is a great way!  Christian movies glorify God and help build up the kingdom.  This is a book that is easy to read and easy to understand.  We highly recommend getting a copy for your community or church.

“Regional Movie Ministries:
Kingdom Building through Networking, Faith, & Film”
can be purchased at:




Learn more about Regional Movie Ministries:

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