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‘By God’s Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

‘By God’s Grace’ ~ CFDb Movie Review


By God’s Grace

A son’s journey will lead him to discover, that through the hardest times comes grace.

To the world, 16 year old Chris Taylor had everything. He had loving and giving parents, a new found love in his childhood friend, and adoration in his little sister. Then tragedy struck that Christmas Eve, leaving Chris to lead a lonely and empty life that would have ramifications to everyone around him. Chris will learn that the heartbreak of the past doesn’t have to form the future. With love and Grace, he will mend the hurts that he caused.


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Besides some great cinematography, this is a film that reminded me of a Christmas Carol.  Here were some highlights:

  • The statement, Would your father be proud?  Made me think of my earthly father & my Heavenly Father.
  • An unexpected twist
  • The little guy being just as important, having a small part in something wonderful.  We should never be ashamed of that.
  • Don’t confuse a hand out with a hand up.  That scene gave me a lot to think about.
  • The father’s great example of Christianity and generosity and his attitude during the tough times.
  • Life is complicated, but it’s only as complicated as we make it.
  • Often we forget simplicity when we grow up.
  • Watching the effects of how NOT doing the right thing will affect other people.

This was a delightful film and a reminder of how important our actions and words are.  They are for good or for evil…which will we choose?

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