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Cardinal Dolan Speaks About ‘The Way’ Which Comes Out Today On DVD/Blu-ray

Jonathan Bock,  President of Grace Hill Media sent out an e-mail on 2/17 and stated:

“As the founder and president of Grace Hill Media, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve chosen to write a personal letter to our entire database on behalf of a film. And while many of the movies we work on are great entertainment, rarely does a film fall into the category of “life-changing.” THE WAY is one of those films.”

The Maximus Group also sent out an e-mail today in regards to ‘The Way’ and Cardinal Dolan.  Here is what he had to say:

In his remarks, Cardinal Dolan said, “A movie popular at home now is The Way, starring a popular actor, Martin Sheen,” Dolan said. “Perhaps you have seen it. He plays a grieving father whose estranged son dies while walking the Camino di Santiago di Campostella in Spain. The father decides, in his grief, to complete the pilgrimage in place of his dead son. He is an icon of a secular man: self-satisfied, dismissive of God and religion, calling himself a ‘former Catholic,’ cynical about faith… but yet unable to deny within him an irrepressible interest in the transcendent, a thirst for something – no, Someone – more, which grows on the way.”

Here is the rest of the Article

Although CFDb has added ‘The Way’ film page, we want you to be aware of the Parental Warning!

You can purchase ‘The Way” from the film page!

Please check out the Review below for more details about the parental warning:

Movie Guide Review

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