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‘Caught’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & High Recommendation

‘Caught’ ~ CFDb Movie Review &
High Recommendation



This movie is about love towards others. Like many young people that go abroad with little money to only later become victims of street crime, Tim Devon, a youth from California finds himself in Europe in the city of Amsterdam. To survive, Tim has to rob, and once a drug addict, he gets involved in traffic of hallucinogens. But Tim’s story did not end there, thanks to a friendship that changed everything.

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This is one of my favorite Billy Graham classic films.  Great music, compelling story, intense moments and full of the Gospel throughout.

Rajam Prasad, played by Amerijit Deu, really made this film for me.  Rajam and his roommate were such wonderful examples of genuine Christianity.  They had a lot of humorous moments throughout.  I especially loved the way he arranged for a meal for Timothy.

What’s amazing about the power of film is that you can remember lines from it years later.  Roger and I still joke about a statement made about exaggeration in the film.  We don’t normally think of exaggeration as sin, but after this film, we always did and referred back to it.

You know it’s amazing how grateful Rajam is, and persistent.  It reminds me of the visiting pastor from another Country in ‘God’s Not Dead‘, always thankful and trusting in God no matter the circumstances.

Although a fabulous film, we would not recommend this for children due to some of the content.

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