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CFDb and FaithLauncher Partnering Together to Help Filmmakers

CFDb and FaithLauncher Partnering Together to Help Filmmakers Raise Money for Their Films



FaithLauncher is exclusively for faith-based projects: Christian Filmmakers, Producers, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Directors, Artists, Designers, Ministries, and the like.

They are not just another clone of the “other” guys. They help project creators be more effective by offering powerful tools that support projects before and after they’ve launched.

1. Every Project has the opportunity to work with a coach to help build their project. A coach is synonymous to having a dedicated Crowd funding Consultant who provides critical guidance, tips, and even helps to develop a marketing strategy.

2. We are the only platform that we know about that will offer to promote projects to a targeted Christian audience.

3. Not only do we help to get extra eyeballs on projects but we also put on our PR hats and pitch project to Christian media outlets to bring added exposure and potentially drive traffic back to the project.

4. Launching on FaithLauncher is just plain fun! We offer more ways to engage with supporters/contributors. We give project owners the requisite tools to attract every kind of supporter they need in addition to rewarding, praying, and even building an army of volunteers. We want supporters to know that these projects are definitely something that everyone can help with.


FaithLauncher Partnership with CFDb

Exclusively for CFDb Members FaithLauncher offers the following discounted fee which is taken from the total funds that are raised. Launching a project is Free.


The Plus plan normally 10% (8% for CFDb members)

  • 3 Crowdfunding Coaching Sessions
  • Exposure thru social media to a Christian audience


FLauncher_transparentContact FaithLauncher Today to Start Your Faith Crowdfunding Project today!



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